Hi Everyone!

My name is Mario Trueba Cantero and I am a Dynamics CRM Developer currently based in the beautiful city of London.

I started working with Dynamics CRM over a year ago, and I always wanted to create a blog so I could share the knowledge I have acquired during this time. Then why I didn’t do it months ago? That’s a good question; there are possibly 2 reasons for that:

  1. I was lazy!
  2. I didn’t think that what I had to offer to the community was enough 😉

Now things have changed a little bit, I have more experience, I have seen more things and I am completely motivated!! XD

What I want to talk about here is basically Dynamics CRM:

  • Updates in Dynamics CRM (Rollups, fixes,etc..)
  • How to solve some problems that I may have find.
  • Complain about how bad is Dynamics CRM when I can’t find a solution. (:D)
  • Almost anything that goes through my head related to this wonderful and amazing technology from Microsoft!


Hope you find this blog useful, I would like to post something almost every week so please keep tuned!