Hello again,

Today, I am not going to write about something I have done, but something my friends from The xRM Consultancy have done, and it is called:

Timeline for Dynamics CRM

And what is it? Basically it adds a timeline of the activities to your Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities, just like the Timeline in Facebook or LinkedIn.

At the moment there are some limitations like the following:

  • It only works in Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities as I said before.
  • The activities included in the Timeline are:
    • Appointments.
    • Email.
    • Phone Calls.
    • Task

However this is just the first version and the guys from xRM Consultancy will enable more entities and activities in future versions.

Do you like it?

Hold on, I haven’t told you the best part, it is absolutely FREE!

I definitely think that this tool is worth giving a chance, I have installed it in some of my environments and apart from been really useful, looks outstanding 😉

Great work xRM Consultancy!!