I have come across this issue today when making a change to a Custom Workflow Activity, I am sure that it is a common error that most of us normally get. Let me explain a little bit more about my problem and what I had to do to fix it.


I had a Custom Workflow Activity that could performed 3 different operations, let’s say Create, Update and Delete. All of them were in the same class, which is not ideal as one of my colleagues pointed out.

So I decided to separate the functionality into 3 different Custom Workflow Activities:

  • Before:
    • CWA.cs
      • Method Create.
      • Method Update
      • Method Delete.
  • After:
    • CWACreate.cs
    • CWAUpdate.cs
    • CWADelete.cs

I had several workflows using the Create Method of the CWA assembly and that assembly now became CWACreate, so I had to change the name of the class from CWA to CWACreate. I changed it in the code and in the Register.cs file and try to deploy.


I am sure this scenario has happened to many of you… several times. Every time you try to change something on the assembly of a plugin or a custom workflow activity it complains.

The reason for this is that it the Plugin/CWA has some dependencies in CRM.

I spent several hours trying to find a workaround to avoid deleting the custom workflow activity but unfortunately I couldn’t.


If it is a Plugin:

  • Unregister the step using the Plugin Registration Tool or directly from the CRM Solution.
  • Try publishing again.
  • If it fails, unregister the plugin and publish again.

If it is a Custom Workflow Activity:

  • Remove all dependencies for the assembly, yes that means modifying the workflows I am afraid…
  • Unregister the Custom Workflow Activity using the Plugin Registration Tool.

I know it is not a perfect solution but I couldn’t find a better workaround.