I know that the title of this post can sound funny, but it happened to me today and I spent at least 30 min trying to find out what went wrong with a Visual Studio solution that I have just created.


I created a new Visual Studio Solution using the developer toolkit, I tried to connect to my Dynamics CRM Organisation and I couldn’t because of external issues, in this case proxy, which was not great but I could carry on working, after all the developer toolkit was not there since the beginning ;).

So I created my plugin, closed Visual Studio and carry on working on other stuff. Then I was notified that I should be able to connect again as the issue with the proxy was fixed, great I said!

Opened Visual Studio and the option to Connect to Dynamics CRM had disappeared!

I am sure it has happened to you sometimes, but there is a solution for this and it is quick and easy!


Open the .sln file with Notepad or Notepad ++ and add the following to the Solution configuration just below the beginning of the Global part.

GlobalSection(CRMSolutionProperties) = preSolution

SolutionIsBoundToCRM = True


And this will do the trick, just open the solution again with Visual Studio and the Developer toolkit will prompt for your credentials.

Probably this has been written many times by many people but to be honest today I had to spend 30 min looking for the solution and I hope to make things easier for one that comes after me 😉