Today I was facing a little problem which was driving me a little bit crazy 😉

I had the Notes Section added to a form and it was not displaying Activities!

After hitting the keyboard with my head for almost 15 minutes, I decided to went online and check Bing to see if it happened to more people.

Luckily I found this post by Mark Margolis from last October and it solved the problem in some entities, both custom and out of the box:

Thank you very much Mark for it, I absolutely recommend your blog, not only it has very useful stuff but also you always find the time to keep it updated and with really interesting articles! Great Work 😉


The thing is that as I said, it almost solve the problem, because there were 2 entities that were still not displaying the activities, after some more digging I found the problem, there is an option on each Form XML called Form Presentation, on those entities that were failing I found it set as 0, the moment I changed it to 1 and reimported the solution the activities appeared!!

So let’s go for a step by step:

  • Put the Entities in a separate solution, only the entities otherwise the customizations.xml will be too big.
  • Export the solution as unmanaged.
  • Extract the Customizations.xml and open it with good old notepad, or any other text editor.
  • Locate the FormXML for the form you need:

  • Change the Form Presentation from 0 to 1
  • Copy back the Customizations.xml into the
  • Import it again.
  • Problem solved!!

Hope it helps!