If you also had the same issue here are the steps that will solve you a lot of time of going through privileges:

1. Export the security role that all your users share ( in case you want all your users to be able to access Documents in Sharepoint).

2. Open the customizations XML with notepad.

3. Add the following privileges at the bottom

<RolePrivilege name=”prvAppendSharePointData” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvAppendSharePointDocument” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvAssignSharePointDocument” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvCreateSharePointData” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvCreateSharePointDocument” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvDeleteSharePointData” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvDeleteSharePointDocument” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvReadSharePointData” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvReadSharePointDocument” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvWriteSharePointData” level=”Global”/>

<RolePrivilege name=”prvWriteSharePointDocument” level=”Global”/>

4. Replace the customizations.xml and import the solution.

Done 🙂

Thanks everyone!