Hello everyone!

I am finally back to the blog after…. “ages” probably 🙂

And why am I back? Well lately I have been working a lot with Unified Service Desk and when I tried to find information online I found myself in a little bit of a struggle sometimes, hence this new section called “USD Tips and tricks”.

Yeah I know I could have thought a more impressive name, but in reality it is what I have in my mind, just a place to talk about the simple tricks that I am having to do every day in order to adapt USD to my Customer’s requirements.

My aim for these posts are basically 2:

  • Keep them short and to the point, I don’t want people having to scroll all the way down to find the answer.
  • By all means I am not implying that the way that I am implementing my solution is the best one, if someone has a better way please do share it in the comments and I will edit my post.

So What happened with my Popups!

  • Problem:
    • When I create a record from a subgrid or a lookup without using Quick Create the main Dashboard Panel loads the New form in the current hosted control and then I can’t go back to the Parent record.
    • Solution:
      • We need to get the Pop ups to open on another hosted control rather than the Dashboard (Global).
    • Steps:
      • Create a new Hosted Control and call it for example Other
      • Create a new Window Navigation Rule, special attention on the Route Type -> Popup and the Target Tab to be Other, yeah the one we just created.PopUpAllWindowNavigation
      • Now you can open USD and give it a go to create and Activity and then change the regarding to a new record of for example an opportunity. If you want to verify that the Routing Rule is working, open the Debugger and look for a line that the one below.DebuggerResult


Any other ways of doing it? Suggestions or corrections please leave a comment 🙂