• So… finally after months and months of hard work we have a working version/ configuration of USD in our Development Environment! And it also works great! But… how do we move it into for example a staging environment so the users can actually test it and provide feedback?
  • Am I going to have to copy and paste every single Action Call and new Windows Navigation Rule?
  • What if I missed something?


Don’t worry CRM Configuration Migration to the rescue! (Yes that thing in the SDK folder that you (I) never bothered checking  J )


  1. Go to your SDK folder and from there to Tools.


  1. We are going to be focusing on these 2 options:


  1. First let’s go to Export data and point the tool to our SOURCE environment.
  2. Under the Schema File navigate to the UII SDK, UII there is a folder called USD Developer Assets and within that one you will find the USD Configuration Tool Schema that we need.



  1. Select where you want the data (zip) file to be saved.


  1. You are ready click on Export Data!
  2. And now importing to the TARGET environment
  3. Click on Import Data
  4. Connect to your Target environment
  5. Select the .zip file that we extracted in step 5.


  1. Click on Import Data!

There you go USD changes deployed from Environment A to B, and yes of course you can reuse the package for other deployments and also include it in the Package Deployer!