Hello everyone!

Good to be back after a while 🙂

This week I have been playinh along with the RescoMobile CRM application, having worked before with CWR I was somehow a bit sceptic about the possibilities of these kind of apps, and to be fair I have to admit that Resco have surprised me a lot!

Let’s start from the basics:


Head over to http://www.resco.net to sign up for a free trial, enter your details and they will email you with the steps required to kick off.

If all you want to do is to have a play with the application as it comes along with your vanilla Dynamics 365 implementation just connect as a standard user and you are all set!

Now if you want to deep a bit further you are going to need to download the Woodford Solutions and also the Woodford Dektop app (there is web version too but I feel more comfortable with the app)


Within the Woodford App is where you can then start building specific forms for your Application, removing the ones that you don’t need, registering external users, building mobile reports, etc..

These days I have been playing around with 2 features, the External Users functionality and also the Reporting capabilities, which include Mobile Reports and also SSRS Reports.

More about Resco in the following posts… 🙂