Hello team,

This week is Go Live week! And one the tasks in the Run Book is to move all the Word Templates from Dev and UAT into Production!

Working with Word Templates has been a challenging task, not going to lie, however I had the help of these 2 Plugins that you can find in the XrmToolbox.

Make sure that you install these two the next time someone mentions “Templates”



Document Template Manager by Futurex Consulting


Provides the ability to:

  • Upload Templates both Single and Multiple
  • Download Templates
  • Activate/Deactivate
  • Edit Template
  • Delete

Main use for me: Uploading templates and sometimes editing the Entity Type Code, much easier that using the UI in Dynamics.


Document Templates Mover by MscrmTools


Provide the ability to:

  • Move templates from one organisation to another in a very easy friendly way.

Main use for me: Moving templates 😊 This one is the best!

A lot of the times when you move templates from one environment to another you find out that the entity type code is different, with this plugin you can make sure that the code in the target environment gets set correctly.

If you try to do this manually by importing directly into the Destination Environment 9/10 times the Entity Code won’t be set correctly.


That’s all for today,