Hello team,

It’s been a long time since I wrote something on the blog. Many things happening at the same time, signed up to a couple of new adventures, especially a new podcast for the Spanish community, go and check it out!

Today I had some time to play around with the new PowerApps Portals, and they look GREAT! I might start another series on the new features that are coming up, still deciding which ones to tackle.

In the meantime I have a small tip for you, if you already have a Dynamics Portal instance in your organisation, for example in your Dev environment, remember that you can’t create a Portal App for that environment as it will point to the existing portal and won’t create a new one.

For example, a couple of days ago, I created a Dynamics Portal using the old way, through the port.crm11.dynamics.com portal for a community event.


Today I created a new Portal App on that same environment, and the first time it let me do it, didn’t give me an error message. However, when I opened it up to edit it, I noticed that it was pointing to my old portal, rather than the new Contoso one that comes OOB with Power Portals.

Also, I had a look at the configuration data in Dynamics 365, and it had not created any new website although I now had 2 Portal Apps.



This is because there is a restriction of only 1 portal app per environment. Although it looked like I was able to get around by using the old way and the new one to create a portal, it seems like they have blocked it properly.

Funny enough, when I tried to create yet another Portal App (portals for everyone) the error message came up!


Error I was expecting

So there you have it team! If you want to have a play with PowerApps Portals make sure that you create a new environment!